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Leading Online Furniture Store - Craftatoz

Furniture is a vital component of any house or office that not only enhances the look and ambiance of the house or office but also offers a comfortable place to sit and relax, thereby keeping stress at bay. Traditionally furniture has always been more often than not made by carpenters working at your place.

Slowly, the trend shifted to buying readymade furniture from local furniture shops or supermarkets. However, in recent times, factors such as the penetration of the internet, the ubiquity of safe payment gateways, or the emergence of trust in online shopping have led to the emergence of online furniture stores in India that help you choose the right kind of furniture that suit the ambience of your place and your style.

Craftatoz is a new generation online store in India that provides not only readymade furniture from different brands but also offers you options to buy customized handicraft furniture made according to your specifications and requirements. Here are some features of the online furniture store at Craftatoz:

  1. Range of options Designs, Quality & Variety: The online store at Craftatoz is one of the most comprehensive online furniture stores in India providing you with almost limitless options to choose from. You get to choose from a wide variety of furniture options which you would have never imagined existed before. Our experienced and high-quality craftsmen and carpenters have designed highly functional furniture that can fit various corners of your rooms in a way that saves a lot of space, yet offers full functionality. At Craftatoz, we have multiple furniture options for every category like Sofa, Dining, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Storage, Décor, Study, Office, Hotel, and so on. That is not all, every category is sub-divided into different sub-categories and multiple options are available even in these sub-categories. For eg ? In Sofa, the sub-categories include Sofa Sets, Sofa cum Bed, Seating Sofas, and so on and there are numerous options listed in each of these subcategories. The range of furniture designs that we have matches the tastes and preferences of one and all. So, if you need traditional designs on furniture or a contemporary design in your furniture, we have options for everyone. The designs on furniture are such that they can gel with any kind of room ambience. In addition, we also ensure that every piece of furniture is ergonomically designed for the long-term well-being of the users. At Craftatoz, we make sure that all the custom-made furniture offered is made of premium quality wood sourced from sustainable sources, ensuring that all the furniture has a long life. The sheer variety, high quality of products, and ergonomic design easily make Craftatoz the best online furniture store in India.
  2. Brands: Not only do we offer highly trendy and customized furniture, but we also offer furniture from some of the most reputed and trusted names in the business. We are exclusive online sellers for a few brands in India. So, whether you are looking out for contemporary furniture or a traditionally designed masterpiece, you shall be able to find suitable furniture of the brand of your choice on the online store. If you want to shop online for furniture and want specific brands, check out our online store. We are sure that you shall find something to your linking of the brand of your choice.
  3. Attention to Details:
    • High-Quality Images ? No room for ambiguity: The online furniture store, Craftatoz has been designed and managed by highly qualified and experienced technology partners who make sure that the webpage works optimally all the time. All the furniture that we offer has high-quality high-resolution photographs from all possible angles so that there is no room for ambiguity in terms of design and shape. The website mentions all the important dimensions for all furniture so that you can judge whether the piece of furniture fits into the available space at your house or office.
    • High-quality Video: For the foldable furniture that we offer, we have videos that demonstrate how the furniture is to be used, how it should be folded when not in use, and the kind of space it occupies when folded and unfolded.
      While designing the website of the online furniture store at Craftatoz, we have always thought from the point of view of the customer and have made sure that we have answers to all the queries that a customer may normally have. Once you click on any product, you can see the dimensions, colours, photographs, colour, style, wooden material used, price, etc to enable you to make a proper and quick decision.

4. User-friendly online store: Craftatoz is one of its kind an online furniture store in India with ergonomic features and smart filter options. Our website is thoughtfully made taking into consideration consumer behaviour, the latest advancement in the furniture segment, modern tools, and much more. We strive to provide our clients with an elated and alluring furniture buying experience. The simple interface backed with cutting-edge products makes Craftatoz one of the best online furniture stores.

5. Cost-effective: Price is one of the most important determinants that rules our purchase decisions. At Craftatoz, we believe in offering optimum benefits to our customers. All our products are strategically and competitively priced as per the current industry standards. Being the sole manufacturer with a cult manufacturing unit in Saharanpur, Craftatoz always has an upper hand when it comes to the price of furniture. Our products are priced at unmatched prices and provide great value for money.

6. Customer Service: 'Customer is a king and we shall do everything to provide them a comfortable buying experience' is the motto of Craftatoz. We follow a customer-centric approach and place our customers at the centre stage. We exert ourselves to understand the exact needs of our customers and offer them rational solutions. Our technical team is always readily available to address the concerns of our clients. Whether it is customizing a product or getting installation assistance, our team is just a call away.

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