Side Tables

A side table is a piece of elegant furniture which is placed beside other furniture such as a bed or a couch. The main purpose of it is to ensure that essential items are within easy reach. The side table comes with different designs and shapes. A side table is a functional unit of furniture which serves a surface to place items near beds, chairs, or couches. It helps to enhance the overall design of a room. Side tables can be used in various ways. Craftatoz brings a stylish range of side tables which you can buy online. Now you can add a stylish side table in your space. View our unique range of side tables now!

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Side Tables

Buy Wooden Side Table Online India: Modern Home is Functional

Every accessory to furniture in the interior of a modern home is functional. If there is not enough furniture or there is not enough space in the room, a special type of furniture is used. These items include a side table that, due to its design features, fits perfectly into the interior of the room, adding functionality and stylish look. The side table is a design that is in addition to the existing furniture. Also, it can be a stand-alone console table, a type of console with similarity or support to the bedside (attached) model. It is an extra compact table, which fills the lack of free space on the main table or used as an independent piece of furniture where there is no possibility of placing a regular table. A typical feature of this accessory is height, which is much higher than the coffee table. Craftatoz has a huge range of stylish and elegant side tables available online that are sure to radiate your home and give a stylish look to your home.

Side tables are mostly used in bedrooms, to store all the essential things that you need in the bedroom and to make your comfort zone just perfect. There are so many reasons to buy a side table.

Side Table is The Best Option for The Storage

Side tables can be used in many ways but its primary use is for storage. Place the side table on either side of the bed to enhance the beauty of your bedroom. You can set the right visual appeal for the bedroom with a complimentary design, shape, and colour.

Side Table A Best Use To Place a Table Lamp

Side tables can be used to place a table lamp on the side of your bed. Many times it happens that you have to read something or do some work at night, but you do not want to spoil your partner s sleep, then the table lamp proves very useful for you. You can place the table lamp on the side table to fulfil your other objectives at night. When you want to sleep, you can put the book on the side table.

Side Table Make Changes in Your Lifestyle

By storing your essential salmon in the side table drawer, you can make your partner s morning awesome by placing a hot cup of tea and newspaper on top of the table.

Store daily essentials

In your bedroom, storage needs to increase day by day and in this situation, you can use side tables. To organize everyday essentials, you need a designated place such as medicines, mobile chargers, pens, notepads, and other things. All the essential things can be easily stored in drawers of the side table and you can easily access its drawers whenever you need them.

Style statement

The side table is the functional unit of the home but it also helps to create a style statement because it comes with a range of materials, colours and finish. These stylish ranges of side tables give them a sophisticated look. When you pair these side tables with furnishing elements then it creates a unique style statement for the interiors of the home. It meets the needs of versatility and it has multipurpose features that make it an essential piece of furniture you must at home. You can buy the side tables online at Craftatoz.

Get The Best Quality of Side Tables at Craftatoz

We are the most preferred suppliers for buying the side tables because we have the stylish and durable collection of side tables. We give utmost attention to the quality of furniture and we use the best material to craft our furniture. Not only our products, but we also provide the best customer support to help you to select the best piece of furniture. We can also customize your products as per your choice. We provide our products at very reasonable prices. 

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