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At CraftAtoZ, we take privacy policy very seriously. To ensure the safety of the consumer data we have put the highest standards in managing the data internally. We believe in customer privacy and trust that they pour in our business is very important. Kindly read our privacy policy below.

Note: We are putting a good amount of efforts to offer the best service to our customers, hence the privacy policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice. To make sure you are up to date with the updated policies of CraftAtoZ, we periodically send messages to our client through email. Please read the email carefully to understand the new change. Additionally, Our privacy policy doesn't apply to our business partners, third parties and affiliates.

User Permission to device & Personal information Storage.
The personal information you provide to the CraftAtoZ is listed below.

User Registration Details: We collect the user registration details to ensure each user provide us sufficient information to assist them and deliver our product in a given time. It is also used to communicate with users effectively. We will be asking for the username, password, email id and phone number with the delivery address. We are using highly advanced technology to protect the customer data on a secure server. The password will be protected using the encrypted password caching method to avoid exposure to the password to other users or the third party application. Kindly note, we never share or sell customer login details or any other details to any company, organization or the third party application.

Billing Information: Your shipping information with the credit card or debit card details will be securely stored on our server. Billing, tax registration and all other information pertaining to purchase or sale of the product will be saved on our server.

Transaction Details: Your transaction details will be saved in your personal profile. This information will be provided to you whenever you log-in to our website. We use these details to record the product features and your purchase.

Cookies: We also ask for the cookies during your web surfing and activities you do on our website. These cookies are stored on your system or computer and used whenever you access our website. This information helps us to understand your product interest and customize the product page dynamically to offer your best available product easily.

Compliance with Laws and Law Enforcement

As per the Indian law act mandated by government or enforcement authorized agencies working under the government or third-party organization by an order under law for the time being in force to comply with the law. We will disclose any users information to the government or law enforcement bodies or private entity if ask or instruct by the officials if necessary to address certain claim or legal process. The decision will be taken after evaluating the government document presented to us and the asked details to the law or the government organization to protect the interest of our company, to protect the public or any person, or to prevent or stop any illegal, unethical or restricted act of the third party registered with us. Our platform also promotes the ethical business practice and shares the tax information of the users to the government in case of the order received from the government bodies.

Here are the details of the user's information that we collect.

1).User's contact details include customer full name, email id, phone number, shipping address, etc are asked to the customer during the registration process on CraftAtoZ.
2) Payment details are recorded in the system such as credit card number, cardholder name, card expiration date, banking details, transaction date and other information details required to process the payment will be stored on the server.
3) Your product purchase information, transaction details, pricing, date of purchase, payment history, etc are saved in the user's personal profile page.
4) The occasional survey is placed in the customer profile page which will be saved in the profile page. These surveys are used to understand the customer need and upgrade our system accordingly.
5) Cookies are stored on the computer of the users and used whenever the user accesses the website again in the future. These data are stored either in the browser or the system of the customer. Such information includes the button clicked on the website, category selection, filter options, type query in the website search box, login sessions, etc.

We also ask the customer to give permission to save this information on their computer by putting the popup box at the top of the website. Once the user agrees on the terms and condition, we start collecting the data. If a user rejects to give permission we will never save this information.

Users session log information are also saved on the site that includes the IP address, geolocation data, source of the traffic which are essential to understand the customer demography.

6) We also use third-party signing API to facilitate the instant signup and login to the user's account. These third party applications such as Facebook, Twitter or Gmail login enables the user to sign in to our site using their existing login of these third-party platforms and make the purchase. The facility is used to save time and get instant access to our product.

7) Emails or direct message received from the users regard to the recent purchase, old orders, inquire about the product, discount or any other feedback or messages are stored on our server. This information makes available to our customer support team to assist you better and offer you seamless service. Any product purchase related query, transaction information or the dispute about the purchase will be handled by using provided information and queries are solved in the shortest period of time.

Email Policies:

CraftAtoZ platform uses your personal email id to connect with you or contacts you when required. You have full control of your provided data. You can select what kind of email you prefer to receive or ignore.

You can simply log in to CraftAtoZ website and unselect the email notification you no longer wish to receive.

Also, you can unsubscribe to the received email and opt out from the emailer list. Kindly note that once we receive your input, it might take few hours to process your request. In such a case, your patience is highly appreciated. You can also reach to our customer support team and ask them to remove you from our mailing list.

Deleting Your Information:

In any case, if you are willing to delete your personal information from our site, then simply register to your CraftAtoZ profile page and delete the information. The basic information such as email id, user name or contact details will not be deleted from the profile page. For that, you have to send the request to our support team asking for permanently deleting the information and clearing the personal details. Note that deleting the user's information lead to restriction to the major features offered to you by CraftAtoZ.


Identity theft is considered as the phishing activity performed by the hackers or the third party website who uses the user's data for their own interest. To safeguard the customer's data we encourage the users do not share the personal information with anyone and if you receive an email or phone call from any company or the individual, please inform us immediately. We do not ask for the personal details such as email id, password or the credit card details for any reason.

Contact Us

You can reach us via email or customer support number 24X7. Our customer support team will help you to answer your query instantly without taking much time and facilitate the best service in the business.

Privacy Policy

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