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Buy Poster Bed Online In India at Craftatoz

The poster bed is also known as the canopy bed. The poster bed is a bed that was adopted a few years ago in wealthy homes in different sizes. At that time, it was used with a utilitarian and non-decorative purpose. This poster bed is surrounded by curtains, curtains can close the bed completely; In this way, the nobles in medieval Europe could keep heat in the bedroom; Furthermore, in this way, they enjoyed more intimacy about his personal life. The spectacular look of the poster bed has never gone out of style, largely due to the versatility and sometimes the designs developed for this type of bed. You can buy the poster bed from Craftatoz Browse at Craftatoz to get different designs of the poster bed!

Buy Four Poster Beds (Canopy) Online In India - Create a Sense of Luxury

Traditional style poster beds create a sense of luxury and romance in the bedroom. Even from the beginning, poster styles have continued to complement and develop a range of bed design and decorating styles. Just such a bed in the master bedroom fits great, their poster bed with curtain creates a very romantic and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, there are many practical benefits, with a poster bed with a curtain, you can preserve the room, provide more private space and protect yourself from annoying insects in summer. You can buy poster beds with curtains online at Craftatoz.

Shop Sheesham Wood  Poster Bed Online - Traditional & Contemporary Designs 

Traditional style poster beds create a feeling of luxury and romance in the bedroom. Even from the beginning, poster bed styles have continued to complement and develop a range of bed design and decorating styles.

Buy Poster Bed Online - Semi Tester Are Available at Craftatoz

During the 13th and 14th centuries, the first poster bed came in the form of a wooden tester, suspended by cords hung from overhead beams. The testers were then developed into part of the bed frame, which was attached to the head by a large wooden panel and supported at the foot of the bed by large wooden posts. The half-tester bed has a straight wooden panel with a small overhang just above the floor. Curtains and rich fabrics were added to the decorative carved wooden  planks. Modern wall mount poster beds or bed drapers are designed to beautify the head of the bed, commonly referred to as a half-tester, bed cornice, bed crown, or wall-tester bed crown.

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Give your bedroom an eternal and elegant look with the 4 poster beds with storage only from Craftatoz. We bring to you the smart and stylish poster bed online in India. Our 4 poster bed with storage is inspired by stories and English furniture art. They are super lavish and comfortable tables. The canopy style bed gives a different look to your bedroom. It enhances the overall aesthetics of your room and gives it a cutting edge. The timeless poster bed from Craftatoz is sure to mesmerize you with its beauty and grandeur. These canopy beds are a seamless fusion of grace and elan. They give a classic feel to your bedroom.

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Poster Bed Online - The Evergreen 

The individuals can give their bedroom a fresh appearance within an element of eternal elegance with the assistance of poster bed curtains online India. The designs are stylish, smart and timeless when it comes to poster bed queen size. These kinds of beds provide a unique appearance to the contemporary bedroom. Poster Bed King size also uplifts the overall vibe of the room and offers it a sophisticated aesthetic. India s most premium furnishing house Craftatoz also offer storage compartments in their Bed canopy online India. They also offer the most cost-effective canopy bed price in India because they do not throw a price tag without thinking about the customer s side. With a humongous range and variety of Designing styles they can mesmerize any and everybody with their grandeur and looks. Because a single poster bed online is an effortless blend of elan and grace without creating a dent in the purchaser s wallet. Now give your bedroom a smart makeover with the superlative 4 poster bed with storage from Craftatoz.

Corona and Cornice

A bed crown or corona consists of semicircular or arched hardware from which a draped cloth hangs, encircles the headboard and is tied back on each side. A bed cornice consists of a wooden or cloth-covered cornice board, with a panel wrapped over the back of the bed and hung on either side of the head of the bed.

Room Styling

Loose-fitting dresses with swag or scalloped bottoms on the coronas and cornices give a traditional feel and a great look. Bed crowns wrapped in sheer or silk fabric add a regal touch to a bed. Put a formal upscale look in the room with traditional French or English reproduction furniture.

Medieval Poster Frames

Until the 15th century, large-scale, four-post beds, with intricately carved frames, became the prizes of royalty and nobility. Embellish the bed frame with luxurious, heavy curtains or fabrics of silk, satin, and velvet, embroidered pillows and tapestry style bedspreads.

Country style Poster Bed Online India

For a slightly less formal look in a country or cottage-style bedroom, tie a traditional four-poster, full-tester or half-tester bed with shirred, ruffled or frilly Valens and curtain panels with decorative ribbons and ties with each corner. White wrought iron or wooden planks are often combined with tone-on-tone white bedding or small flowers. Wooden furniture painted in antique white, ivory or yellow and pastel colours gives a cosy, comfortable feel to the bedroom. The distressed finish is a trending look for cottage style interiors, popular for the distinctive character they provide.

Hand-tied Poster Bed

A typical colonial-style umbrella bed features a pencil post rail, which tapers delicately upwards. The top rail can be either straight or arched. Checked fabric with small ruffles on each side and sometimes a panel hung behind the head of the bed was usually used directly on the top rail. Most notable were hand-tied fishnet poster beds, with designs such as double and single diamonds, large scallop, sweetheart knot, straight edge, and Margaret Winston. Craftatoz is the largest platform for poster Bed Bunk BedsFolding BedsUpholstered BedCribsSingle Bed, Folding bed, Diwan beds, Table lamps, wall clock, Towels and more 
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost of an online poster bed?

Ans. The cost of the poster bed depends upon different elements. The design, carving, style, and size are the prime cost determinants. Craftatoz has a spectacular range of online poster beds in India.

Q. Can you get a perfect poster bed?

Ans. A perfect poster bed creates an amazing setting and enhances your ambiance. Craftatoz has superlative online poster beds that are the epitome of luxury and elegance.

Q. Are poster beds better?

Ans. Yes, poster beds are not just beautiful but ultra-comfortable too. They are stylish and give your space a stunning edge. The embellishments on these poster beds such as hung curtains boast ultimate luxury and give a unique look to your bedroom.