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Buy Wooden Mortar and Pestle Online In India

Mortar and Pestle have been used since times immemorial to crush and break down ingredients into fine crust.Mortars are shaped like bowls and made from metal, granite, wood, ceramic, etc. while the pestle is used in breaking the ingredients. Craftatoz have all types and shapes of mortars making cooking comfortable for people. These mortars and pestles are used for getting the true flavours out from the herbs. Buying mortar and pestle online will get you good deals and you can buy whatever size you prefer. Simply select the one that appeals to your eyes and Craftatoz will guarantee you the same at your doorstep. You will get quality products from Craftatoz. Browse our beautiful range of Mortar and Pestle now!

It Is Time To Get A Mortar And Pestle For Your Cooking! 

Even though granite mortar and pestle online India are the most basic equipment in every kitchen, they re the best at what they do. Whatever kind of dish you are cooking, using a wooden mortar and pestle online India to mash up some herbs is an excellent way to enhance the flavour of your food. Your best knife, blender, or heavy-duty food processor can t compete with its performance. There is just one reason to buy a mortar and pestle online- to enhance the flavour of food. This grinding method is more successful in releasing the flavours and fragrances of the food you re grinding. Buy mortar and pestle online form Craftatoz you can also check the wooden mortar for sale.

Are you looking for wooden okhli big size? Check out Craftatoz for mortar and pestle price. For the most part, the sophisticated electrical devices you own serve to whittle down food into smaller pieces and alter its flavour and textural qualities somewhat. Buy Long Wooden Pestle from Craftatoz.

Buy Wooden Mortar and Pestle Online India For Your Kitchen 

Mortar and pestle turn out to be one of the best things you can find in your kitchen. It is handy for grinding all types of ingredients especially if you love spicy food. You can use it up for grinding spices for curries, grind garlic, and ginger making it a great kitchen gadget.  

Why Are Mortars and Pestles Better?

Mortar and pestle do the job of crushing the ingredients and herbs without affecting the herbs much. As the pestle moves as per the pressure of the hand, it does not crush as a processor does. If you are planning to crush garlic and ginger, you can crush it using mortar and pestle for a quasi paste that tastes better. Add some olive oil for the infusing smell and flavours. If you crush better, you will get a beautiful creamy texture on everything you want. Not all mortars and pestles are the same. While some may last a lifetime for its amazing benefits, there are some which are not worth buying. These are some of the things to look for when buying mortal or pestle from Craftatoz:

  • Size

The mortar should be larger, say about 6 to 8 inches in diameter. If you want a mortar for crushing garlic, you can take a smaller one.

  • Materials

Porcelain or ceramic mortars are too smooth to use. The best ones which you can plan on buying from Craftatoz are heavy-duty marble or granite. Wood is also a good option but the smell remains.  

  • Texture

Good mortar and pestle are made of matte and rough materials but while choosing do not choose a too rough one as it will become oily while making the pastes. Craftatoz provides all types of mortar and pestles as per the requirements of people.

  • Shape

Buy round and deep shaped mortars. You need to find a mortar that keeps all ingredients in place rather than scattering it all around. The base has to be wider as it will take slippery ingredients as well. 

  1. Some tips before using mortar and pestle

Just like anything new, mortar and pestle should be cleaned before use. This will clean out all stones left behind. 

  • Wash it with clean water without the use of detergent or soap. Use it when its dry as wet mortar will gum all your ingredients.

  • Take a handful of white rice. Discard it and repeat until the rice is white. Plan on grinding it for around 3 times. By this time, you will become a pro in grinding. 

  • Add 4 cloves and garlic, mash it and keep it together.

  • Add ground cumin, pepper and salt and grind it all together. Enjoy the smell and keep doing this for practice. Wash it with clean water again and then dry it.

  1. Which one should you buy?

Mortars and pestles come in different shapes and sizes with Craftatoz keeping a record of all that is liked by people. Choosing which one to buy will depend on the work you have with the mortar and pestle. The best one is the porcelain one which is light yet big and is useful for small purposes. A honking granite mortar is a statement for kitchen tables. The small one is useful for mixing spices. The Japanese style is harder to clean but it is best for grinding nuts and making fine pastes. 

You can buy a beautiful range of mortar and pestle online from Craftatoz

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