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Buy End Table Online with Stylish Range

The end table is a small table that is usually matched to the height of the armchair and this table is placed next to a large piece of furniture such as next to a couch or with other large furniture. When we talk of an end table, it is definitely a matter of its size and shape. But it mainly consists of the round table and rectangular table and the height of these tables is equal to or same to the arms of the sofa. Craftatoz brings a stylish range of end tables that you can browse online. We provide high-quality products at very reasonable prices. Browse our designer furniture and stylish range of end tables now

Buy Wooden End Table Online In India Wide Selection of Different Types

The height of the end table is very important because whatever material is placed on it within the reach of the person sitting on the couch and he can easily use it with ease. There are many models of end tables available nowadays, but people like tables with extra storage space and drawers. A separate shelf is also given in some tables. Craftatoz offers its customers a wide selection of different types of cabinets and upholstered end tables, which vary in simplicity, compactness, color choices and styles, functionality, safety, and affordable prices.

End-tables are multi-purpose small movable side tables that can be used to store everyday objects in order to live comfortably. You can use a side table for placing snacks, TV remote, smartphone, a book, etc. while relaxing on the sofa. Craftatoz offers a range of various types of end tables of high quality wood and engineering materials that impart durability, strength to the tables. For houses with a paucity of spaces, we offer a wide range of nest of tables, which as the name suggests is a group of tables stacked together so that to save space in the room. Our end table collection also includes an exquisite range of heavy duty dining tables and bar table sets that allows you to make a small bar in one part of your dining room. 

Shop Online Metal End Table With Drawer And Shelf Online India From Craftatoz

While arranging their home, each person tries to choose such pieces of furniture that will be in complete harmony with the rest of the interior. The end table with a drawer would be an excellent choice for any room. This convenient furniture element will add comfort and elegance to any home. Drawer and shelf end tables are easily available online in many designs and different quality materials.

Different Look at The Texture End Table are Available at Craftatoz

If you are going to buy an end table then buy heavy wooden furniture instead of aluminum lightweight furniture. The wooden end table can be used for many years and gives a special look to your home. If you do not want to buy a heavy end table, you can also buy a thin wooden end table.

Choose the Appropriate Design Of End Table

You should be very careful while choosing the design of the end table. Remember, you are not going to change it after a short interval. So choose a design that is completely modern and does not look old in the future. Also, you can choose some traditional types of end tables.

Choose End Table by theme

Experts say that it doesn t matter how much space you have in your house. This has an effect on how you portray the beauty of your home. Why not choose a theme and decorate the house with the same type of end table accordingly. You can choose a modern theme for the living room.

Pay Attention to Furnishings End Table

It is very important to pay attention to choosing the right end table. If you choose a wooden end table, then check the finish of the table thoroughly. If the finishing is not good then the chances of color deterioration increases. Try to buy branded products to gain credibility.

See unconventional stuff: Buy strange, unconventional and unique things to give your home a different look. Use a variety of colors and sizes.

working capacity: The product may contain additional elements in the form of drawers, various shelves, doors, which are designed to accommodate a wide variety of small items. End tables with drawers and shelves are available online and these tables are available in many designs at Craftatoz.

Mobility: This indicator is also important for modern users. A compact table can easily be moved from one location, as well as comfortably store the daily handy items. At the right time, you can use this device.

Classic End Table: Such models will be deprived of all kinds of redundancy and creative decoration. They are simple and concise in appearance. This is their advantage. Such a table will suit any room.

With shelves: A table with drawers and shelves allows you to use the space. You can store your essential items. Now you will know where the important thing is for you.

On wheels: These options are quite mobile. With wheels, you can move such tables around your apartment quickly and easily. Even a child can handle this process. It would be convenient to use such end tables to serve guests or read magazines. Craftatoz aims at more glory to your space with our stylish end tables

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an end table used for?

Ans. End tables are smaller tables that are commonly placed beside a couch, a loveseat, or Chair. The end table can be in the service of a convenient surface for drink coasters storing books, resting beverages lamps, and other things within simple access from the seat. Sometimes they come in a set of two or as the living area counter set of 3. Craftatoz has a massive range of end tables that will compliment any setting.

Q. What is the difference between a side table and an end table?

Ans. The prime contract between side tables and end Tables is that end tables do not have as much surface area as side tables. The side table is a smaller table that users typically put at the side of a room or against a partition. The end table is a smaller table that users can put at the end of a couch or next to a chair.

Q. What is a end table?

Ans. The end table is a piece of furniture with a smaller surface area, typically about the height of a chair or couch handle, which is utilized beside a more significant part of furnishings, such as a two-seater couch unit or three-seater couch unit. The users can put coasters, books, flowers, bonsai plant pots, picture frames, and lamps to decorate them.

Q. What is a reasonable price for a end table?

Ans. The price range of the end Table starts from 1000 rupees and can go up to 17000 rupees in India for a single end Table. The interested buyer can choose their end Table these days from any virtual furnishing web page. Where they will get unique styles of end tables. Such as Craftatoz. They have a massive variety of end tables.