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Buy Diwan Online - Versatile Piece of Furniture

To decorate the drawing-room, different types of furniture can be used but the diwan bed is the most used furniture in the drawing-room. Wooden diwan bed is a comfortable place for afternoon rest and it can be used as a luxurious sofa for the guests. It is the best combination of desire for relaxation and design sensibility and because of this reason, it is the best investment. Diwan bed helps you to make your drawing room an inviting room for guests. Craftatoz brings to you a huge range of stylish diwan beds online. Diwan beds can also be used as sofas. Buy our luxurious range of wooden diwan bed now!

Buy Diwan Sofa Online - A Perfect Combination of Stylish Look and Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is an important part of our home and when we think about the decoration of the living room, then comfortable seating first comes up in mind. To revamp the pattern of furnishing and style of furniture, buy a wooden diwan sofa online. Diwan beds can be used as sofas but this is the exact opposite of sofas as a diwan can also be used as a bed. Not only this, but it also takes up less space in the drawing-room and offers secluded seating. Drawing a bed can be fit into the modern apartment and it gives an exotic look to your living room. Craftatoz has a gorgeous range of comfortable, stylish and affordable diwan sofa online. You can enhance the beauty of your living room with the help of a wooden diwan sofa.

Diwans Online - The Elegant and Versatile Diwan Bed

Diwan beds are sleek and compact. They are a perfect bed option for any designer home. Diwan bed also serves as a single bed and can easily accommodate a single individual. The comfortable and relaxing Diwan bed is the best fusion of modernity and style. They are modular and can also be used as a seating arrangement. Find best deal for diwan online at Craftatoz 

Buy Diwan Couch Online in India Modern Urban Home

Diwan Sofas are ultra-comfortable. They are a perfect fit for any modern urban home. Moreover, the Diwan sofa adds an element of luxury and grace to your living area. It makes it shine high and give it a spectacular appearance. Craftatoz has an extensive range of Diwan Sofa at a low price. Our diwan sofa set designs are handpicked by experts having immense knowledge of interior designing and the furniture market. At Craftatoz, we aim to bring the latest and exclusive collection of Diwan sofa online. Our products are a great fusion of contemporary style and modernity. They are the epitome of beauty and lavish in every sense. Diwan Sofa is ideal for your bedroom as well as the living room. They are versatile and beautiful. They add panache and elegance to your room. Moreover, the diwan sofa gives exemplifies your décor and sets the perfect harmony of texture.They are made from the finest quality upholstery and have adequate cushioning. At Craftatoz, all our products are made with utmost care and vigilance. Their finesse and endurance are exceptional.

Buy Diwan  Online - Feel Luxurious 

It is the most satisfying feeling when individuals buy diwan online, and it turns out Ultra-comfortable to sleep on it. Overall the diwan online offers an element of Grace and luxury to the interior setting. The diwan online furniture elevates the aesthetic appeal and provides the internal setup with a distinctive look. A diwan is the epitome of luxury and beauty in the most aesthetically pleasing sense. The diwan sofa is beautiful and versatile, but it also adds a touch of elegance and Panache to the interior. The diwan sofa online elevates the interior setup and offers the perfect rhythm of texture. The most reputed furnishing webpage of India Craftatoz has a unique wooden diwan design, which is durable and polished at an affordable wooden diwan price.

Buy Online Wooden & cushion Diwan Sofa in India -Crsftatoz

Diwan sofa is basically a backless couch or sofa. But in today designer era, sometimes it comes with a small bed. The design of the diwan bed is depending on your choice. Diwan bed was primarily used in the Middle East and then it spread all over the world. Now give a premium look to your premise with the superlative diwan sofa online only at Craftatoz. Buy now!

Diwan Online - Beautify You Home with Luxurious Diwan Sofa

Everyone loves to décor their home with different pieces of furniture. Furniture helps to add beauty to your home and diwan bed is one of the beautiful and usable furniture which can change the whole scenario of your living area or guest room.

Diwan Online - Save The Space with Solid Sheesham Wood Diwan Sofa

Everyone wants to save space in their home and diwan bed is the best furniture piece to use in compact spaces because it comes with the storage area below the surface of the bed in which you can store your games, favorite books or any other thing. Easy and inexpensive Diwan sofa is very easy to place in your home. It is very expensive in comparison to the sofas and it can be used in both ways; as a couch or a sofa. The wooden diwan couch is a popular piece of furniture in Indian homes because of its preciousness. During the day, they offer comfortable seating to put their feet and lounge. At night, or for a day nap, they provide a temporary bed for rest while they are considered part of traditional furniture and can also be found in old palaces. Wooden diwan couch comes with different designs and you can choose your diwan as per your choice on Craftatoz. It comes in royal, contemporary, and crafted designs. Not only this, you can beautify your diwan bed with floral or pastel cushions, traditional bed sheets and many more.

Buy Wooden Diwan Online India in India from Craftatoz

When it comes to furniture, one thing people always remember is that it can be picked up anywhere in the house and placed in places other than its original intended location. The diwan bed does not always have to be adorned in your living room - it can be a guest bed in an extra room, or a place in a study where you can read books and complete your work. You can place your diwan bed near the window where you can view the outside area of your home. With our expertise and trustworthiness, we are engaged in offering the best quality range of our Diwan Bed which provides you with the best solution for relaxing. We are involved in offering modern couch sofas, with good quality. We are always able to find some good couch beds in which new designs are available. You also find here more furniture, sofas, dining furniture, storage furniture, Cabinets & SideboardKitchen CabinetsKitchen TrolleysDining ChairsDressing Table, Beside TablesBookshelvesChest DrawersPrayer Units and more
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is Diwan In Furniture?

Ans. As the name suggests, its a couch-like piece of furniture that can serve as a box-spring bed in several nations. Divan as a sofa or couch was first recorded in the English language in 1702, and it has been widely used throughout Europe since the mid-eighteenth century.

Q. Why Is A Couch Called A Divan?

Ans. Carpet in Arabic is derived from the word suffa, which is how the phrase sofa got its start in English. The divan originated in the Middle East, was a long, cushioned seat built from a mattress and placed against the wall, on the floor, or a raised structure.

Q. What Is The Difference Between Diwan And Bed?

Ans. Instead of using slats to support the mattress, a divan bed has a big, hollow interior that may be used to store things like drawers or an ottoman. As the name implies, a bed frame is nothing more than a frame with a slatted foundation to support the sleeper. Bed frames are typically larger than mattresses and have a headboard and footboard as part of their construction. The mattress is sunk into the bed frame to offer additional support for the mattress.

Q. What Is The Price Of A Diwan Sofa Online?

Ans. A sofa that costs less than $1000 is considered to be affordable. The price of a mid-range diwan sofa often ranges from $1000 to $2000. Check out craftatoz to get some amazing designs of diwan sofa.

Q. Who Are The Best Manufactures Of Diwan Sofa Online?

Ans. Craftatoz is the best manufacture of diwan sofa. Craftatoz can gain new perspectives and ideas by challenging the way Craftatoz perceive and respond to things. This leads to increased corporate innovation, improved sustainability and better product offers.