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Buy Cushion Covers Online in India

A living room is an important part of the house which has access to everyone who walks into the room. People decorate their rooms with lots of fancy furniture. We at Craftatoz specialize in various cushion covers with various colours and options. Those who use hardwood chairs find it comfortable to use cushion covers for the same. While choosing cushions, emphasis should be given to cushion covers as well as it changes the entire look of the house. Craftatoz has so many varieties of cushion covers fitting all cushion types from round, rectangle to square ones. These covers are made by experts. You can buy cushion covers online and delivery by Craftatoz is simply superb!

Designer Sofa Covers in India 

The living area is a crucial space in the house because most of the members of the house and guests walk straight into this area, which is why house owners like to decorate this area with a lot of designer cushion covers online India. The house owners can purchase cushion cover designs handmade at Craftatoz because they specialize in numerous options and Colours for sofa cushion covers online. The individuals can get 24x24 cushion covers - set of 5  at an unimaginable reasonable price. These sofa cushion covers big size are great for relaxing and cozy relaxation time. But if the individuals have a recliner or single sofa, they can go for the cushion cover 12x12. They can also buy cushion covers online India in a bunch of them for their day bed. And if they own a two-seater sofa, then they can go with the Cushion 16x16. 

The velvet cushion covers online India can even uplift the appearance of the most mundane two-seater sofa set. The Velvet Cushion Covers 16x16 is the most appropriate for two-seater sofa sets. But if the house owners have planned for a three-seater sectional sofa set for their living area. Then they can go with the 18x18 cushion covers online India. If the house owners have thrown pillows without cushion covers for sofa, they are missing out on the element of aesthetical satisfaction.

Buy Designer Cushion Cover Online In India: In Quality Fabric

Buying cushion covers is not an easy task and you have to go in detail at the time of buying them. Markets bring into the notice of customers so many different patterns of cushion covers. Cushion Covers at Craftatoz are made from fine fabrics and affordable at the same time. Cushion Covers online seems like the best idea today.

Craftatoz - your one-stop destination for all your furnishing needs

Home Furnishings are vital. They enhance the overall look of your abode and make it stand out. Moreover, home furnishing elements such as curtains, sofa covers, cushion covers, etc helps you to protect the upholstery as well. Craftatoz presents you with a stunning and stylish range of sofa covers, floor mats, and home furnishing. Our furnishing products are made from premium quality materials and give a smart look to your dwelling.

At Craftatoz, we strive to maintain the quality of our products and get the latest products to meet your needs. Whether it is festive season round the corner or planning an up-gradation, our sofa covers and home furnishing products are sure to mesmerize you with their splendor. Now give a superlative look to your premise with the designer and affordable home furnishing only from Craftatoz. Browse through our product range now!

Buying Cheap Cushion Covers Online in India at Craftatoz

People mostly prefer buying cheap cushion covers to save money. Cheap cushion cover does not mean that they are of low-quality fabrics. Inexpensive cushion covers add to the décor of your homes. The cheap cushion covers should perfectly fit your cushions inside out so that you do not face any problem later. If you choose loose cushion covers, then it will affect the look and elegance of your home. Craftatoz sale affordable cushions and all are durable and good in quality.

1. Choosing fabrics: To have the best looking sofa, you need to select the right cushion cover for the sofa. High maintenance fabrics like silk are to be used in areas that are not frequently used. Microfibers are best in heavy usage places as they are very easy to clean. Textured fabrics deal with less wear and tear compared to the smooth ones. Leather cushion covers will be a good option if you are looking for longevity. Craftatoz has a large selection of textures and colours, so you do not have to confine only to blacks and tans.

2. Colour: Colour is probably the best thing most people think about while selecting a pillow and cushion cover. The only thing to see is that the cushion should match with the sofa and should blend in or stand out. The best way is to look for similar pieces as that of a sofa or something different which adds to the contrast.

3. Embellishments: Pillow embellishments like buttons, mirrors, sequins, brooches, ribbons, etc. are great when it comes to decorating a room. Embellishments enhance the look of pillow covers. We at Craftatoz keep that in mind that embellishments are only for decorative purposes and they should not scratch you or make you feel uncomfortable.

4. Size: When it comes to choosing the perfect cushion, size matters. The size should be in proportion to the furniture the cushion will be put. Cushion covers should work with a piece of furniture and enhance it to make it look appropriate. Having multiple pillows on one sofa can be disturbing so place them in the proportion of each other. 5. Inserts The type of fillers on the cushions will depend on a few factors. Down feathers are very soft and comfortable but down pillows and cushion covers are loose in shape and some people are also allergic to it. Synthetic fillers do not have this problem but they are not soft. Many people prefer choosing down and feather mixes that are soft and retain the shape of the cushions.

6. Keep your cushions fluffy: Keeping your cushions fluffy is very important. Cushion covers help to protect cushions from dirt and sweat from our bodies that might lead to the killing of the pillow s fluff. Wash your pillow covers every 6 months to keep them clean and neat. The fabrics given at Craftatoz can be washed easily. Cushion covers are an indispensable part of our lives and we can find ourselves searching for them while shopping. Pick out the best ones for your homes and make your home a lovely setting.

Craftatoz has a wide range of cushion covers online at very reasonable prices which you can buy sofas online with customization services.

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