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Buy Chest Of Drawers Online In India

Chest drawer is a wonderful solution for small apartments. With its solid capacity, it occupies very little space. Sheesham wood furniture  online chest drawer, this invention has not been much of a change since, but a phase of improvement in their appearance creates decorative finishes and an amazing variety of shapes. You can easily select a chest of drawers in the interior of any room. Non-standard dimensions are characterized by the chest. They can be wide and deep. And can be completely re-arranged, so they simply fit larger storage systems, a bright representative which can be considered a cabinet-compartment. Craftatoz is offering a stylish range of chest drawers online. Browse our exquisite range of elegant chest drawers now!

Buy Wooden Chest of Drawer Online In India: Most Stylistic Directions

A vestibule is a special place in an apartment where lots of things accumulate. It should be convenient to change clothes before going out. Therefore, the corridor is not only equipped with wardrobes for clothing stores, but also with mirrors, hangers, shoes and puffins. Chest of drawers is elaborated furniture with drawers for storing various small and medium-sized items, bags, shoes, keys, umbrellas. The semi-circular chest drawers fit in most stylistic directions, especially in modern style or high-tech. The semi-circular tabletop and round side sections look soft and secure. Often a semi-circular design is used in corner chests. It can use in various types such as a dresser, corner drawer, and many more. Different types of chest drawers are offered by the Craftatoz

Buy Chest Of Drawers Online - The Storage Solution 

Are you looking for Chest of drawers for bedroom? It s not only a place to keep your clothing; wooden drawers for storage may also be used as exhibition stands if desired. Consider how much room you d like to have on top of your chest drawers online unit and what you may need to place there before diving straight into the furniture catalogue. Is it one of your favourite pastimes before going to sleep reading an excellent book? Next, make sure your chest of drawers has enough room on top for a lamp or reading light. The height of the device should also be considered since the light wire has to reach the socket comfortably. Buy chest drawers online form Craftatoz. On the other hand, if you prefer to get all dolled up in the privacy of your own home, a Chest of drawers India is an excellent cosmetics and jewelry storage solution.

Uses of Chest of Drawer in Different Ways

Chest Drawer Can Be Use As Dresser Chests can vary greatly by design and form, their size depends on what is planned to be stored there. Often the modern chest of drawers in the hallway is made of mirrors so that you can see yourself before leaving home. It is possible to add shoes, combs, brushes, gloves, hats, creams to jewellery in cabinet drawers.

The Complete Guide To Chest of Drawer Types

Do you want to buy chest of drawers online India? A crucial part of your bedroom, a dresser or chest of drawers serves both as storage and a piece of decoration. Choose a modern chest of drawers designs that will fit your area and fulfil all of your organizational requirements. Dressers and white chest of drawers India are described in detail in this article. You must first understand the difference between a dresser and a chest of drawers. Clothing and other personal belongings are often stored in a series of chest of drawers for bedroom in both types of furniture. For the most part, a dresser has a lot of storage space, whereas chest of drawers solid wood is more limited in terms of storage space. With their thin, tall dresser-like appearance, chests of drawers provide maximum storage while occupying little floor space. Buy wooden chest of drawers online India from Craftatoz. A standard chest of drawers for living room, or vertical chest, is a tall and thin piece of furniture in terms of storage. As with a hybrid dresser, gentleman s chests often have both drawers and wardrobe doors. 

Corner drawer

The corner drawer is set in the hall for storing small things, folders with documents. The worktop is used as a stand for vase or decoration elements. Such chest drawers are used in the manufacture of and a pair of doors.

Shoe rack

Some drawer chests come with the shoe rack, which can be placed in the hall. These are comfortable, functional, equipped with a swivel mechanism and special shelves for storing shoes. Doors can be folded or swung, and the chest of drawers can be fully equipped with wall shelves. There are shoe stores designed to store huge and high, or small, everyday use as shoes rack. The chest of drawers in the hall is often combined with the seat, making it suitable for lovers of seated shoes.

Storage Unit

Modern chests of drawers in the hall are designed to make this room as comfortable as possible; they are an element of the interior and should match with the overall style of the room. This versatile cabinet can display the function of a large and spacious or puffin, shoe, corner pier. The hallway is equipped with a small chest of drawers, drawers, which are used for arranging small things such as knitted hats, letters, keys, canopies, gloves and bags.

You Can Use a Chest of Drawer in The Living Room Also!

The living room is a special room in any home, varying in functionality and hospitality, which depends mainly on furnishings. Often part of the living room is the chest of drawers, which allows the room to have a vast view as it gets rid of many things. To understand how to choose a chest of drawers for the living room, you need to know the characteristics of this piece of furniture and keep its relevance in a particular style.

Solid Sheesham Wood Chest of Drawer Available at Craftatoz

The varieties of drawers in the living room depend directly on the purpose of this furniture. Apart from convenience and beautiful appearance, they have various storage capabilities of essential things. Chest of drawers is not a cabinet because it has horizontal drawers. Don t make the mistake of calling it a rack because the product is a closed type of furniture, although it has shelves.

Corner models are convenient because, due to their location, they allow occupying the corner of the room and saving a useful area of the room. They do not burden the appropriate space for small living rooms. These products have drawers for storing objects and top planes, which usually serves as a stand for various decorative items. Craftatoz is a perfect destination for your all furniture needs. Add a stylish look to your home with our wonderful collection of chest drawers. You can buy chest drawers online at very reasonable prices from Craftatoz.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between a chest of drawers and a dressing tables?

Ans. Vanity is another term for the dressing table, which is furnished with Mirrors. And it is conventionally utilized for fashion accessories and applying makeup. The contrast between the dresser and the chest of drawers lies in the point that the chest of drawers carry only drawers and their top area has no mirror attached to it.

Q. Why is it called a chest of drawers?

Ans. The chest of drawers is a kind of furnishing piece which was developed in the middle of the seventeenth century entirely from the trunk with cabinets in the base. By the decade of 1680, that chest was wholly made up of a bunch of cupboards. Such as three tall ones of numerous death and topped by two short cabinets side-by-side.

Q. What do you can store in chest of drawers?

Ans. The chest of drawers typically carries the individuals clothes and fashion accessories. But the chest of drawers can be utilized to have a lot of things. Such as Kitchenware toys, books, dining utensils accessories, home linen, and so much more. A considerable number of cabinets are present in this item of furnishing. Which assists use in properly organizing.

Q. How do you make a wooden chest of drawers?

Ans. The individuals can build a chest of drawers with wooden materials. Ideally, the standard measurement of a chest of drawers should be 152 CM wide, 51 CM in depth, and 76 CM tall. Moreover, the chest of drawers height and depth is not a complicated thing. And individuals can also get a customized one at Craftatoz.

Q. What is the wood used for chest drawers available online India ?

Ans. The majority of the premium quality chest of drawers is made out of Solid Timber. Such as mango wood and Sheesham wood which makes them exceptionally durable. At Craftatoz, they are accessible in both modern and vintage looks. A solid timber chest of drawers with an area for storage will elevate the interior setup of the house.

Q. Where to buy chest drawers online India?

Ans. Individuals can purchase chests of drawers Virtually from the comfort of their house at the best price at the finest furnishing brand Craftatoz. They can pick out the designs from the online catalogue, whether it is modern or Vintage, on top of that with the assistance of free shipping and doorstep delivery.