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Beer Mugs: Enjoy your cocktails When itâ??s a sweaty and hot day and you have been out of home for hours or your favorite team s match is going on. You would definitely like something with your snacks. A mug full of chilled beer could be something that can cheer you up.

Craftatoz offers eco-friendly, beautiful, and elegant wooden mugs with a convenient handle design. You can fill this mug with your favorite beer and enjoy your day. The mugs are coated with toxin-free chemicals which do not give an uncomfortable smell the rather pleasant wood fragrance. The mugs are safe and comfortable and the perfect gift to present to someone. The thick wall of the mugs keeps the drink cool and also enhances the color and clarity of the beer.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Beer Mug Online

Everyone knows that there is no greater joy than having a cold mug of beer on a hot day. A nicely chilled beer mug can let you feel satisfied and refreshing. No matter which beer mug you choose but it should be chip-resistant, stylish, and sturdy. Craftatoz offers a high-quality beer mug with an itemized shape that lets you enjoy your drink without a spill. We know the secret to the perfect beer mug and made the one you cannot resist. While buying the beer mug one should keep a few things in one.

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Here is the list of considerations to make your way easy:


Shape: The shape of the beer mug is the primary thing you should check before buying it. The shape of the mug can help with the movement of bubbles. If the outline of the mug is perfect it can enhance the taste and explosion of the carbonation when you take a sip. 

Insulation: Insulation can keep the beer cool for a longer period. Not all wooden beer mugs offer insulation and you end up purchasing the one which will be of no use if you want to enjoy chilled beer. We offer a high-quality wooden beer mug with steel insulation that makes it an ideal beer mug. 

Material: Beer mugs made from the glass look stylish but donâ??t keep beer chilled for long. There are a few glasses that can offer better insulation. However, they are also not up to the mark. On the other hand, Acrylic beer mugs look traditional but tend to lose their shine with time. Wooden beer mug made by us uses eco-friendly mango wood and steel that offer better insulation, modern and elegant look.

Handles: There is a range of beer mugs available in the market. Few of them come with the handle but some donâ??t. However, it is an individual choice to get a beer mug with or without the handle. But one should consider one with a sturdy handle. The reason behind this is beer mugs usually are rugged and heavy. They feel good on your hand when they have a handle. Craftatoz made sure to bring quality products for you. Our beer mug comes with study handles that look stylish and let you drink with confidence. 

Style: The beer mugs come in multiple styles such as classic, trendy, traditional, modern, and contemporary. You should choose the one as per your personal preference or according to the theme of your event. 

Durability: You might have seen different material beer mugs in the market. It is imperative to choose the one which is chip and break-resistant, and durable. Mugs made with blended material commonly have the risk of breaking. You should consider the one that is made of glass or wood and infused with stainless steel. It makes it more durable.

Price: Cost is always a constraint while buying anything. Make sure to check and compare a range of beer mugs before purchasing one. Sending more money on a product could be a red flag and critical to the enjoyment of your favorite beverage. Craftatoz offers an affordable beer mug that does not put a hole in your pocket. 

Capacity: The beer mug comes in various sizes. Usually, each beer mug s size and weight are mentioned in the summaries of the articles. Check your needs and purchase the one that suits you best. Do not end up purchasing less depth and a small beer mug. 

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There are numerous other value-added features such as color, lid, sweet proof, capacity, sets and singletons, and many more you can check before purchasing a beer mug. But make sure you do not purchase fragile glasses. As some glasses are vulnerable and can not be used for chilled beverages. 

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