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The Top-Notch Quality Table showpieces Available Online We are a dedicated brand that sort to create only the best table pieces in the world. So, whenever you are looking for the best able pieces, always think of craftatoz as the first priority. We have a team of experienced staff that strive by producing only the best table showpiece. Moreover, we use high-quality wood material that wonâ??t be affected by time and harsh weather conditions. Also, we provide cost-friendly table showpieces to ensure everyone can find what is suitable for them. You can make your table look amazing by adding any of our table showpieces that are sleek in design and occupies minimal space.

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table showpieces

A look at some of our best table showpieces available at our store

We provide cost-friendly table showpieces to ensure everyone can find what is suitable for them.  You can make your table look amazing by adding any of our table showpieces that are sleek in design and occupies minimal space. 

Wooden Carved Elephant Miniature Idol

This elephant miniature idol is in the shape of an idol made of purely 100% solid wood material and there are no traces of poisonous hue. Furthermore, it has a measurement of 6(h)x9(w)x13(l) cm, as a  result, it can fit perfectly on your table and wonâ??t take much space but yet, any visitor will notice its presence. It has a honey finish and the way it has been designed, it can oppose breaking, recolouring and distortion. Unlike other table showpieces on the market, craftatoz wood carved elephant sculpture only cost under 700 INR which is cost-friendly considering the design and its high-quality materials.

Wooden Trunk Up Elephant Figurine

At craftatoz, we take much time in figuring out what our customer may like, as a result, we create unique table showpieces with a sleek appearance. Our Wooden Trunk Up Elephant table showpieces are carved out of rosewood which we believe to be strong enough and can overcome the effect of time. Its strength rewards you by increasing the lifespan of this trunk-up elephant. Furthermore, it has a dimension of 8x3x9.5cm, which is enough for an office table, coffee table, dining table or any other table out there. It has a wonderful finish which makes it sleek and presentable, coloured that your visitors will keep on glaring.  Lastly, it made common yet eco-friendly materials that can oppose breaking, distortion and recolouring.

Wooden Sailing Ship Nautical Showpiece

For those of us who are fond of marine life, well craftatoz Wooden Sailing Ship Nautical Showpiece will remind of Passat cruising ships. Its amazing remuneration will grant you an exact appearance, table improvement or fantastic look. Sailors or nay nautical authority can value this table showpiece. In fact, itâ??s the best showpiece for marine authorities. Itâ??s made with common mango wood thatâ??s very strong and durable therefore, it wonâ??t break easily, distort or recolour like other table showpieces on the market. The black and brown colour of the Wooden Sailing Ship Nautical Showpiece makes it have amazing look on your table. Lastly, it has a dimension of 17x4x20 cm which is an ideal size for any office.

Craftatoz Wooden Owl DĂ©cor showpiece

The wooden owls have been designed in India by the best craftsmen.  Itâ??s a perfect add-on for your home office, hotel, restaurant, dining room, statement gifting piece or wall. Its traditional design makes it appealing to any eye and no one will fail to recognize its presence. Since it is made of solid wooden material, it s capable of opposing distortion, recolouring and breaking. Additionally, it measures 6x3x7 cm, a good dimension for a table showpiece. The strong circular base ensures the wooden own dĂ©cor showpiece stays put on your table. Lastly, it has a stone finish which makes it look sleek and attractive.

Wooden Tortoise Idol Showpiece Figurine

We at craftatoz value the existence of nature and we believe that by creating what nature have blessed us with, many of our customers will feel intrigued.  Our Wooden Tortoise Idol Showpiece is ideal for home or office dĂ©cor which makes it a good choice for those who love tortoise. Furthermore, our table showpiece measures 6x2x5 cm, thatâ??s ideally the best dimension for any table showpiece so it doesnâ??t have to occupy most of your space. Also, it has a stone finish which is eye-catching and yet can resist recolouring, distortion and breaking. The eco-friendly wooden material makes us a good contributor to the wellbeing of this planet.

The Takeaway

Well, there are other table showpieces from our inventory that you may love to see. Wooden Carved Horse Bust and Wooden Gandhi Charkha Showpiece are among other best table showpieces of our invention. Donâ??t shy away because we have everything you need at an affordable cost. This is your time to make your table look welcoming. Try any table showpiece from our inventory and youâ??ll love it.

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