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A single bed is a type of furniture used for sleeping and lying down. The bed has two main parts, the frame of the bed, which is made of wood or any metal, and the mattress placed over it. Bed sheets are usually laid on a single bed and pillows are kept for support. Single beds can be made for one or more persons. In many beds, the frame is extended to hold the head. Some single beds may also have a shelf to store items. Some single beds also have boxes to store items. It is a resource of material happiness. You can easily get a single bed with a box and drawer at Craftatoz. Now browse online our range of the best single beds!

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single beds

Buy Wooden Single Bed Online In India - A Wide Range of Models

Recently, metal furniture has become increasingly popular, and single beds are no exception. The proliferation of this type of furniture is, above all, due to a wide range of models. They are purchased not only for the home but also for various institutions. Single beds are purchased no less than the larger double bed models. Such interior items are designed to accommodate a person and fit perfectly in a small area of the sleeping room. Searching online at any online furniture store today, you can find many options for single beds. You can buy these single beds online at home at a very reasonable price.

Advantages of Metal Single Bed Buying at Craftatoz

The metal bed has indisputable advantages and many advantages when compared to products from a tree and especially from chipboard, which are:

  • The frame, which serves as the base of the single bed, is made of metal which, no doubt, is the most durable and reliable material, for today the metal single bed is resistant to mechanical stress. This type of single bed can easily withstand any type of load. In addition, metal coated with special means is resistant to temperature changes and high humidity, so single beds are often purchased for various institutions (hospitals, recreation centres, kindergartens, hostels).

  • Due to its strong metal, single beds can serve many years. It is impossible that any material has such a long service life. In addition, the metal single bed is easy to repair if necessary.

  • Without a doubt, a metal single bed can be attributed to environmentally friendly furniture. The metal does not require any other type of treatment, the wood and particle board needs to be treated with resins or other harmful chemicals that can cause some harm to health. In addition, this material does not absorb odours and does not emit harmful substances in the surrounding space, and therefore this single bed can be safely installed in the children s room. Experts of Crafts A to Z also come to your home to install these metal single beds.

  •  It is fully combined not only with any style of the room but also with many materials. The combination of wood, glass, stone, and textiles with metallic elements gives the product an original look and emphasizes the taste of the owners. Depending on the colour scheme of the room, the bedframe may look different.

Special Features of Single Bed

A single bed is also very popular today. They differ only in the dimensions of the double bed.

  • Today, many sites produce high quality and beautiful models. The dimensions of single beds are not an obstacle to installing linen drawers, sliding or folding mechanisms and other useful items.

  • These single beds are very compact, so they are often purchased for small rooms. However, this does not affect its characteristics.

  • Smaller single beds (as well as larger models) can be supplemented with higher quality orthopedic mattresses. Similar pieces of furniture are often made with a creative base.

  • These single beds are suitable for not only in adults rooms but also in children s bedrooms. This furniture is necessary for rooms in which two children live. All kinds of single beds for children are available at Craftatoz.

Ideal Single Bed For Every Home

Today there are many different models of single beds in the furniture world. They are equipped with various decorative and functional elements. Choose the right option for any room with any need and taste preferences. Single beds can be installed not only in bedrooms but also in living rooms. 

Experts and designers of Craftatoz classify single beds on a very large basis.

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