A single Mattress is a mattress specially designed for use by a single person. Such a mattress is generally used in a kidsâ?? room, or a guest room at your house. Single Mattress is available in various shapes, sizes and material. The right kind of mattress not only helps you enjoy a good nights sleep but also ensure that you have good health. You need to choose the right kind of mattress that offers you maximum comfort and relaxation. Craftatoz is an online place to buy all kinds of single mattress at highly affordable prices. We offer a wide variety of options of single mattresses so that you can choose one where you are the most comfortable.
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One third of our life is spent sleeping on our beds. It is extremely important that you spend these sleeping hours completely relaxed and comfortable. Choosing the right kind of mattress helps you enjoy a good nightsâ?? sleep thereby ensuring that you remain happy and healthy. A mattress acts as a support base while you sleep. You ought to thoroughly research the various kinds of mattresses available in the market to avoid sleepless or achy nights.

Shop Online Right Mattress in India to Get Sleep With Comfort

While you have large king sized double beds for bedrooms, for kids room or a guest room, a single mattress is generally preferred. A single mattress is used at hotels, dormitories as well as hostels where a single person occupies a bed. While you can order custom sized mattress, there are some standard single mattress dimensions prescribed that vary according to country. For India, the standard sizes for a single mattress are 91 cm ?? 198 cm (36 in ?? 78 in). Bunker beds, kidsâ?? beds or single beds are types of beds where a single mattress is generally used. At Craftatoz, we offer a wide variety of single mattress of standard as well as non-standard dimensions. We can make custom sized single mattress built just for you as well.

The thickness of the mattress is an important factor in deciding the mattress you choose. The thickness is also referred to as firmness of the mattress. The type of firmness that you need is dependent on your height, weight and sleeping position. A soft mattress is suitable for a person who sleeps on side or changes positions while a firm mattress is suitable for people who sleep on their backs to keep their back in a comfortable position. There are intermediate categories like medium soft and medium firm available as well. The thickness of an average mattress ranges from 4 inches to 10 inches any mattress. A person with a medical condition should use a mattress that is a little firm, also called orthopedic mattress to keep spinal cord in a straight posture.

The type of mattress is also one major factor in the decision of choosing a suitable single mattress. Craftatoz offers the following types of mattresses:

â??         Spring mattress â?? These are mattresses where there are springs in an embedded layered cushion structure. These are made out of natural materials that ensure a good flow of air, reduce sweat during sleep.

â??         Memory foam mattress â?? These are polyurethane or foam based mattresses made out of synthetic materials. Basically, this type of mattress acts like a sponge

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While memory foam mattresses provide you with better comfort, the synthetic material of these mattresses reduce airflow and cause body temperature to rise a little. Spring mattresses are great for reducing sweat or heat, but are not very comfortable and may cause uneven zones of pressure leading to discomfort at times.

We offer only ergonomically designed mattresses that increase the level of comfort you get. Buying a single mattress from Craftatoz offers the following advantage:

â??         Large range of single mattresses to choose from

â??         No visit to a shop required. The mattress is delivered directly to your house free of cost

â??         Favorable return policies in case the mattress doesnâ??t match your expectation

â??         Attractive discounts and payment options.

Some precautionary factors that you should consider while in the single mattress are:

â??         Buy a mattress with a waterproof cover so that moisture and dust do not get into a mattress.

â??         To maintain the shape and life of a mattress always use a mattress on a flat surface.

â??         Always buy a brand new and unused mattress.  

â??         Choose a mattress that suits your body type and sleep pattern.

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