Luxury Sofa Sets

An Intelligent Heirloom ‚?? The Luxury Sofas A sofa is a defining feature of your living room and the seating area. Your home is bound to accompany numerous guests and social gatherings at times and gifting your niche with alluring and luxurious sofa sets will enhance the ambience of your stack. With a combination of astonishing looks and a prosperous place to reside on a Luxury sofa by Craftatoz is the bull‚??s-eye choice to go for! The luxury and indulgence of an object is often connected with the history and past of the same. With a varied distinction of products and styles accessible becomes difficult to choose from. They may have been tormented and moulded into aesthetic designs, but the taste of classics always remains stagnant.

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Luxury Sofa Sets

Modernized Luxury Sofas for Your Dwelling!

Sofa sets and couches have been an indispensable part of our contemporary home décor and living area. The solace and security provided an assorted sofa set with enough seating arrangements make them a perfect option to retain the integrity of your interior stack. Eloped with soft cushions, premium integrity fabrics, mouldings and hinges complementing the traditional designs with a modern touch makes the luxurious sofa sets best for your homes.

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Here is the categorization of ancient sofa set designs that are popular as the modern-day luxury sofa sets at Craftatoz ! Have a glimpse at them.

‚??   Camelback Luxury Sofa: Originally crafted in the 18th century, this sofa has earned a promising name among the royal palaces. With the modifications and use of recent techniques, keeping the basic design into account. The original layout of this sofa was accommodated with scroll arms along with a base carved of wooden cabriole.  The sofa is accommodated with a hump similar to that of a camel for the backrest and extra support with a more edited shape and stature.

‚?? English Club Luxury Sofa: The product that always enhanced the aesthetics of the British Empire buildings and residencies. The sofa is equipped with pleated spiralled arms set back from the advent seat. The legs of the sofa stand on casters are made of turned wooden shanks and loosened up lines. Being sophisticated it also seems to be quite casual and a backrest that splits up to deliver extra convenience. Filling out the sofa with your favourite royal fabric will offer a quaint aesthetic. The use of a plush Velvet, which we usually prefer at Craftatoz excites you to the optimal range.

‚??  Chesterfield Luxury Sofa: Even though it originated in the 18th century, the power and reverence of the Chesterfield sofa have touched the skies since then. The popularity of such d√©cor is prominent in the northern parts of America that sofa is well known by the name Chesterfield. With incredibly buttoned cushions covered with leather fabric and even-sized arms looks amazing as your interior d√©cor. The backrest is accumulated with the customer material for extra support and tightly rolled accented with nailhead trim. Craftatoz is more than glad to procure you with an iconic design of rustic yet modern-day luxury designer sofas to amplify the assortment of your stack.

‚??   Art Deco Luxury Sofa: The art of a hodgepodge of fine lines and flat planes along with heightened curves are the main focus of the art d√©cor luxury sofa. Incorporated with piped wedges and streamlined motifs moulded on the sofa give it a luxurious feel. Craftatoz yearns to deliver you the optimal quality products with fine quality wood and texture as required to attain a promising lounging experience. Acquiring a larger footprint, this sofa flourishes your interior living area over a wide surface.

‚??  Mid-Century Modern Luxury Sofa: The design came into implementation after the end of the second world war and relives the mid-modern era. The love of this design is due to its futuristic approach and have streamlines in replace of the traditional adornment. Craftatoz formulate this sofa with double-lined button touching with a blocky, silhouette and classic aligned frame. If you are a fan of retro aesthetics then opting for this sofa will procure you with the royal-retro look. Moulded with the soft thickened cushioned and rolled out arm resting of superior fabric make it perfect for longing comfort. The wooden frame used in this ecstatic sofa is of supremum quality and comes with a warranty of 12 months.

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