To enhance the beauty and appearance of the home, the sofa set is an important element. It is an essential piece of furniture for every home and you can find the best sofa sets online from Craftatoz. If you wish to create an original interior with elite light furniture, then you should buy a beautiful and elegant sofa. As a rule, these interior objects have smaller dimensions, which allow you to be located not only in the bedroom or living room, but also in narrow hallways, loggia, or kitchens. The sofa can be said to be the most common and most versatile feature of furniture for sleeping and rest. Not surprising, as the bed is only suitable for resting in a horizontal position, and on the couch, you can sit alone and be noisy.
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Beautify your home & Office with customized sofas Furniture

The sofa is a very practical and convenient invention that boasts excellent performance characteristics inside it, and this furniture is a symbol of comfort. On the other hand, this furniture resembles a small seat, complemented by an elegant back and armrests.


Sofa types and models:

There are a lot of different types of sofas, and there is a possibility of choosing a model suitable for one or the other interior. Therefore, it is worth understanding which popular models exist, as well as the categories into which they are divided. At the present time, such interior items are popular among rich and poor people. As a rule, the couch has a small height. In such furniture, the back and armrests are located on the same level. The appearance of the backrest is a hallmark of the couch.

?¢??      Sofa Cum Beds

Sofa Cum Beds are ideal for any room and interior style. If desired, they can stand out not only in the bedroom but in the living room, children s room, kitchen, if necessary. Double models of Wooden Sofa Cum Bed are more versatile and comfortable to use. They are well-positioned under any circumstance of the room, being rearranged and when folded, creating the illusion of space, changing the space and making it guest employed.

All types of sofa sets will be found on our website, Craftatoz at very reasonable prices.

?¢??      Double mattresses

Double mattresses come with a smooth, relief and inadequate surface, a sedative effect that improves blood supply to the tissues of the intervertebral column and eliminates muscle spasm. The thickness of such products is different. Monolithic versions without springs are 8?¢??10 cm in height, with standard volume mats varying from 10 to 17 cm. Stunning designs reach a height of 24?¢??27 cm. There are many options for sofas for outdoor recreation of the space and room.

The more expensive sofas of this kind are made of other metal alloys, are separated by high quality and have a mechanism that allows the couch-swing to be in a prone position while the surface is fixed.For a full range of sofa cum bed, you can surf our website Craftatoz and enjoy a complete variety

 Beautiful sofas furniture can be executed in the most different options:

?¢??    Wing Chair or Swing Chair

One thing that gives the interior a high level. They are comfortable, soft, and can be made by specialized craftsmen and experts of our company are experts in this work.

?¢??      Single Seater Sofas

Single seater sofas are becoming very popular in today s times. These models are often equipped with high or medium backs and do not have armrests. Such varieties are ideal for small rooms. They can be placed in one of the free corners, freeing up a lot of space. Single seater sofas are equipped with folding berths: to choose this option, you must take dimensions into account in a cluttered position.

?¢??      Guest couch

Buy Solid Sheesham Wood Sofas Furniture Online India from Craftatoz

Guest sofas are more delicate, so it is not recommended to use them every day. As a rule, such furniture is used to accommodate guests staying overnight.

A large room needs a large sofa, and a small room needs a moderately sized sofa. If you put a small sofa in a large area, it will be easily lost, and vice versa - in a confined space, a huge sofa will be completely out. Keeping all these things in mind, experts of our company install the sofa in your room.

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