Cribs, a kind of small swing of children in which they are put to sleep, lay or cradle. Today, there are many crib designs available for children. A crib is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a child s life. Its quality and safety will depend on health, good sleep and child welfare. The crib is the place where the child spends most of his/her time in the first years of his life. One of the most popular options for the youngest people in the crib. This type of bed is the safest place for sleeping, 0-1-year-olds children. Craftatoz is the best place to buy baby cribs online.

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Buy Baby Crib & Cot Online In India for Small Children s

If we talk about children s furniture, then the first furniture is the cradle. Children s furniture should be as comfortable and attractive as possible as well as it should be safe. If we are talking about cradles, in most cases they are supplemented with special side rails that prevent the child from falling out of bed. They can be complete with furniture and sold separately.

Type of cribs

When choosing a crib for a child, remember that there are a fairly large number of these structures. Which are the following types:

Comfortable Safe Cribs Are Available To Shop at Craftatoz

It is not very large in size and very comfortable products. Children will feel completely safe here. The cradle has special legs and a special mechanism for measuring rocking, with more expensive products complemented by an audio system so that children can sleep faster for quieter music. Craftatoz, a famous site for the production of children s furniture, features models with small hanging cans and transparent nets against insects.

Cribs on runners

It is the most popular model. Instead of normal legs, they have particularly curved runners, they can be used to shake the bed slightly, while the child will try to sleep. It is a fairly durable and very compact option. Many of its designs are available. Craftatoz designers and experts give priority to child safety and prepare the crib accordingly.

Cribs with Pendulum

The uniqueness of the pendulum crib product is the presence of a pendulum, for which you can rock the crib without any extra effort. If necessary, the pendulum can be blocked. Some models of these devices are equipped with niches or compact chests to protect various things. One of the features of this crib is that you can also keep the baby s favourite toys in it.

Transformer crib

It is a place where the child can sleep and play, there is a table so that the mother can easily cradle the child. When the baby begins to grow, part of the design can be gradually removed to replace the bed for the baby to sleep.

Crib with soft walls

Such cribs or cradles have soft walls and unite themselves into a place for quiet dreams and active sports. This type of crib is a good idea for long trips. This model can be easily packaged in a backpack and reappeared when needed. But such a product is better as a travel option, not as a cradle for every day. The soft-walled crib is available in many designs and different colours on Craftatoz and you can buy this crib online.

Crib basket

Many parents choose a crib basket. It suits children as young as 1 year old. It is convenient because it has strong handles to carry, while the handle can be removed if not needed and washed it. Open space sometimes scares children and can make them more alert. They would feel safe in this kind of crib. After a few months, the baby will grow and this product will have to be replaced and you will need to buy a new crib. The basic replacement for this type of crib would be a baby stroller with a removable basket.

Crib with upper bed

If you buy a crib with an upper bed, it is possible to place the baby to sleep next to each other without fear of pinning it. The wall of such a product is completely removed or simply blanked, and so a tired mother will not have to get up from her bed or soothe the baby.

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