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7 Seater Sofas Buying Guide When it comes to purchasing the best 7 seater sofas for your sitting room or office, you need to consider several factors. Owning the best sofa in your home will make your visitors feel comfortable and relaxed; thus, your home will always look welcoming. There are several brands out there that make the best sofas with unique design and sleek appearance. If you need to buy the best sofa sets that match your interior design, you can only rely on the craftatoz brand. All craftatoz products are made of high-quality materials that will last longer than ordinary 7 seater sofas on the market. Moreover, you can customize craftatoz 7 seater sofas to look as you have always admired.

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7 seater sofas

How to Buy The Best 7 Seater Sofas Online In India?

Size of the room and shape

Craftatoz understands that there are different room shapes and sizes out there that is why our team of experts has been working to create a unique 7 seat sofa that can fit in your home. Without considering the room size, you may end up buying a couch that is either big or small, and it may negatively impact how your home looks.

Moreover, the shape can also help you get a perfect seat where every space is unutilized entirely, so nothing goes to waste. Therefore, we suggest that you measure your room size and take account of the shape, so we get you what s best for your room. You can find your shape sofa, Permid 7 seater sofa, and Canally 7 seater sofa set from our selection.


Keep In Mind Your Wall decoration When You Buy Sofas

We ve never imagined a room whose wall decoration doesn t complement the mounted furniture. The modern wall decoration is best if complement with modern sofa sets that is why we have taken our time and resources to produce sofas that are ideal and sleek. Furthermore, craftatoz sofas have a unique design, and we assure you that they will look amazing in your room.


So, when choosing sofa seats based on wall decoration, you should look at the colour and design. Roland blue, dark brown, Roland beige & white are some of the available colours offered by the craftatoz brand. 


Shop Online 7 Seater Sofa Sheesham Wood Material

To buy the best 7 seater sofa set, you must also consider the material to determine the level of comfort and durability. For those looking for comfortable sofa sets, you can trust our brand because we use fabric material to ensure our seats are comfortable. Furthermore, the fabric material is always affordable even though it will need maintenance.


On the other hand, you can buy a sofa set designed with durable leather material. Furthermore, it requires minimal maintenance as it s easy to clean. Well, you can also find leatherette 7 seater sofas, which are considerably cheaper compared to leather counterparts. From craftatoz shelf, you ll find the best 7 seater sofas made of fabric and leatherette material. 


Fit and comfort

Another crucial factor to consider when buying 7 seater sofas online is if it fits your family members. To get started, you should focus on the sofa s depth depending on your family members height. Moreover, its couch back should be perfectly designed in a way that it can support your back without getting back or neck pain.


If you prefer taking a nap, then test the seat and ensure you can rest comfortably on it. Craftatoz cares so much about fulfilling the demands of their customers. That s why you ll find their sofa sets a perfect fit and a great source of comfort in your home. 



We have been going through the best 7 seater sofas online reviews and discovered that many customers complain of the seats breaking. Well, when you need a long-lasting and robust sofa, you need to focus on the joinery. Brands like craftatoz use stronger Sheesham wood, but you must also inquire how the primary material is connected.

The frames may have been joined with wooden dowels, metal brackets, wooden corner blocks, or double wooden dowels, which are the best joinery. However, if the sofa set is joined using glues, staples, or nails, it s not the best 7 seater sofas, but they can provide additional reinforcement.


Test sofa arms

Testing the sturdiness of the sofa arm can help you get the best sofa set. All craft atoz 7 seater sofas have been made from a robust Sheesham wood frame and joined with dowels and corner brackets. So, when you buy craftatoz products, you ll enjoy using them for years without noticing signs of wearing and tearing. Finally, you can buy 7 seater sofas online through craftatoz, and you ll enjoy a free delivery service. 

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